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      Unusual and remarkable Designs together with artistic Show Acts. Engineers of Desire can be found at the Expo as well. We are looking forward to have them amaze us...

      The Newcomer Designer "Anita Stil", based in Vienna, will celebrate its debut at Fetish Evolution 2018 by doing a Fashion Show. Of corse you can take a closer look at his amazing designs at the expo as well.

      House of Harlot, known for innovative and creative designs, will show their new Kollektion at Fetish Evolution. During the Ball they will run a fashion show.

      Latex-Stockings, Gloves ... everything that might be matching to her collection. She will do a Fashion Show at Fetish Evolution and the cooperating designer will be "on Stage" as well.

      You want to present your brand-new Label at Fetish Evolution Expo?

      For all new Labels we created a special Start-Up Area at our Expo Venue. With this you will have the chance of presenting and selling your Work and your creations to our national and international guests. Take the chance of easy and effective direct marketing in taking part to this amazing event. We support new labels and designers (not longer than 2 years old) with special Expo rates.

      Contact us via email using subject "Newcomer" to expo@fetishevolution.com

      After being one of the legendary Blue Rose Burlesque Dancers and 15 years of international career through Paris, Miami, Tokyo, Ibiza and some more, Shabba decided to settle in Germany and open the 1st Pole Dance studio in the country.
      Now she's getting back on the road with private classes, workshops & events.
      Come & try her favorite toy at Fetish Evolution this year!
      Pole Dance classes twice a day, Burlesque, LapDance & High Heels classes on request and of course, at the end of the weekend a special Photo-Workshop on the pole to show off your newfound talents in front of the camera, with a bit of cheating of course...

      Pole Dance for beginners:
      Saturday & Sunday 11:30 am
      Saturday : 16:30
      Sunday: join me @Delta for the photo workshop after the fashion show!
      All levels accepted

      From NOW on all Artists are called to send us their application in order to get an exhibition site at the ART Bizarre.
      Same as last year, there will be a special headline for the shown Artworks: For 2017 the motto is called „Fetish Stories“.
      The subject „Fetish Stories“ has to be communicated in each medial way the Artists like to go: Photography, Sculpturing, Painting, Lyric and much more... because Art has got a thousand faces and even more exciting ways to tell its own stories.
      It's the Artists own choice: The Artworks can provide their stories in a very straight way, or they can encourage the recipients mind in order to find his/hers own stories hidden in the Artworks.
      Send your application to: artbizarre@fetishevolution.de

      We already received some portfolios but we want to offer the opportunity of participation to all kinds of labels. There are no decisions made yet, so new applications are desired.

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