• Artist Call 2017

    Artist Call 2017
    Artist Call 2017,

    From NOW on all Artists are called to send us their application in order to get an exhibition site at the ART Bizarre.

    Same as last year, there will be a special headline for the shown Artworks: For 2017 the motto is called „Fetish Stories“.

    The subject „Fetish Stories“ has to be communicated in each medial way the Artists like to go: Photography, Sculpturing, Painting, Lyric and much more... because Art has got a thousand faces and even more exciting ways to tell its own stories.

    It's the Artists own choice: The Artworks can provide their stories in a very straight way, or they can encourage the recipients mind in order to find his/hers own stories hidden in the Artworks.

    Send your application to: artbizarre@fetishevolution.de

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